Thursday, 14 February 2013

Purchase Indonesian Civet Coffee

How to order Indonesian Civet Coffee:
To order the original Indonesian Civet Coffee, please contact:
Mobile Phone: 081926230120.
Blackberry PIN: 280788E3

Payment Method:
Bank Account: Mandiri 1090007419617, Account Name: Danie Kurniawan.
Perum Centre Park Block D-3A
Batam Centre - Kepri 29432
Pulau Batam, Indonesia.
We can serve Cash On Delivery (COD) for Batam area.

We are only using the above valid bank account number which mentioned in this blog to avoid fraud which nowadays become so much cases. Please be caution of fake SMS if you received info via SMS/PHONE which mentioning another bank account other than stated at this web-blog above.

We dedicated our selves to immediately send the shipment tracking number as soon as we received bank payment. Pls further contact us for the bank transfer confirmation via the above mentioned contact phone/email.

Our commitment to provide shipments to you within 3 working days (except for weekend or any public holiday) where we can't send the packet due to the shipment/forwarder is closed for service.

To keep our Premium delivery of Kopi Luwak, we didn't keep roasted Civet Coffee or powder Civet Coffee in a big bulk. We proceed our natural coffee beans based on received orders so that the coffee lover will only get the fresh coffee from the kitchen. Therefore, for any order with Qty more than >5kg please contact us for further confirmation to get this arrangement and reservation.

Price of Indonesian Civet Coffee:
Roasted Luwak Coffee Beans = Rp550,000 (lima ratus lima puluh ribu rupiah)
Luwak Coffee Powder = Rp590,000 (lima ratus sembilan puluh ribu rupiah)

Shipment cost shall be bear by the recipient.
*) We can serve Cash On Delivery (COD) for Batam area only.

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